Regi Penxten

Name:Regi Penxten
Birthdate: 4 March 1976
Birthplace: Hasselt
Residence: Heusden-Zolder
Sign: Pisces
Education: Graduate Telecomunication
Hair colour: Brown/Blond
Eye colour: Blue/Green/Grey
Length: 1m79
Weigth: 69 Kg
Shoesize: 43
Favorite clothes: Original
Favorite food: Wok
Favorit drinks: Wine
Favorite holiday destination: South-Africa
Favorite city: Las Vegas
Favorite hobby: Making Music
Favorite movie: The Big lebowski
Favorite actor/actrice: Al Pacino/Robert De Niro/Jeniffer Love Hewitt
Favorite book: Boze Tongen - Tom Lanoye
Favorite song Milk Inc.: Land of the Living / November
Favorite music: High quality pop
Favorite artist: Billy Joel
Favorite Dj: DJ TiŽsto
Favorite video other group/Milk Inc.: Madonna - Frozen/Milk Inc. - Breathe without you
Biggest disappointment: haven't had one yet
Best memory: 7 tmf awards!!
Biggest Wish: to go on for a long time with Milk Inc.
Most embarrasing moment: pulling out the outdoor clothes-line by closing cabriolets roof
Nicest/Worst gift: Nicest: jetski; Worst: obligation permit for jetski
Girlfriend/Married: Girlfriend

Regiīs story Regi was born on March 4th, 1976 at Hasselt. When he was 12, he bought his first computer and connected it to a synthesizer. At this point in his life he started to make music. He also went to music academy to learn to read music. He also played the guitar on an early age

When he was 18, he released some Underground and Trance EP on the Dance Opera and Illusion Label. He decided to make it his carreer. But because his parents wanted him to have a good education so he studied Telecommunication-Electronics. His success started with La Vache in 1996 which was a big hit in France. So he had to perform there several times

Milk Inc. wasn't enough so he started other projects with several singers and other producers. You can find all of these projects at the projects section of this site. As you know, this list is quite extensive

Next to producing Milk Inc. songs and songs for other projects, he also started deejaying at small parties. After the international breakthrough with Milk Inc. he doesn't have much time to dj. Sometimes at Clubs or at festivals abroad (like South Africa, Russia,...), after the usual performances with Milk Inc.. He used to be resident dj at Club Illusion, because of his agenda he couldn't keep it up and since then he was a guest dj at this club several times. After the closing of this club, the owner and dj's moved to another club, which they called club Mystique, to party on. Here he's also a guest dj on occasions. His style is a mix of Trance, Vocals, House, Groove, 2Step and R&B

Together with some dj's and the owner of club Illusion, they started a record company Art Group Music (AGM). All of the illusion releases were released on several labels of AGM. Regi started his own label called Sookie (neverending beats). Furthermore, He's also studio engineer at this record company

Next to producing and deejaying, Regi also has his own radio show called Trance N Dance. He's the producer and he takes care of the presentation of this show

An other thing Regi does is making remixes for several other groups like Duran Duran, 2 Unlimited, Boney M,... Also mixing compilation albums like Trance N Dance, International Tuning sounds,... is one of his activities

At the moment, he creates high quality Dance and Trance for groups like Milk Inc, Sylver, Flesh & Bones, Tiny K., TLD, La Luna,... and many more